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Service I emailed via the website contact form asking a simple question and received a response after 20 minutes. But Live chat was not available.

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Price can be cheap but there are other coin traders that are cheaper.

Time delivered within 20 minutes.

EA player ranges/price caps reacted pretty quickly to EA’s price caps and implemented a new system for listing players to receive your fifa coins. If you want to purchase fifa coins via the normal player auction method you can only purchase small amounts which is annoying but is understandable with price caps. They now sell a service called “levelling” which is when they take control of your account and make coins for you, the more coins you want the longer it will take. They also sell brand new accounts deposited with millions of coins.

Conclusion is a secure website to purchase your fifa coins.  For the price, the customer service is decent as I received a response to my question pretty quickly. They also have Facebook & twitter accounts therefore there is multiple ways to contact them if you have any questions or problems. The delivery was also prompt.

Our recommendation Rzun is a decent coin seller but we suggest you check out fifacoinszone, fifaultimateteamcoins and MMOGA. These sites offer good prices and are reliable, you should compare and purchase.

If you have been a customer of please rate the website & leave a comment/review below.

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  • Lennonl55

    I forgot to put player up for 3 days what do o do?

    • James Cragen

      Just put him up again and they will buy it

  • fifacoinreviews

    I would suggest contacting rzun. You can do this via their website/facebook/twitter. It will probably still be okay if you have just done a shorter duration.

  • wayne

    I havr used rzun alot I just got 15mill coins with no problems what so ever

    • trevor

      well wayne i would gather you probably work for these scum bags so good for you. hope your buddies sleep well, if you are not affiliated with them sorry, but i would say you are the exeption and everyone else that got scammed is the rule.

  • connor

    i put up players a while ago 2 both for 600k 4 3 days and I dident get any coins

  • connor

    can I have my coins or my money back

  • sarahwalker

    i want my 6000000 coins back

  • giovanne ellis

    i havent got my fucking coins and i orderd 5 hours ago from rzun and havent got them!!!!!

    • fifacoinreviews

      Not too good :( Maybe ask for a refund or start a PayPal reversal if that’s an option. You can then maybe purchase coins from elsewhere.

  • tommy

    fuck this website

  • tommy

    do not buy coins form this website go on u7buy good website

  • sean

    Still haven’t received my coins an hour later I think I’ll be going straight to trading standards

  • Nick

    I havent got my coins and it has been more than a day, fuck this

  • Nick

    It has been 37 hours and i havent got my 700k

  • Justin Balanta

    Go to xtmmo there dirt cheap and actually reliable and im not a bot I’m an actual human being

  • Nathan

    How do I ask for a refund??

  • Nathan

    Well that’s pissed me off. I ordered 100k so I could open a pack before they expired and the message online says 5min delivery well that means I should of relieved them 30mins ago now the packs have expired

  • Siddharth

    Scam website. They haven’t delivered my player it’s been 30 hours. They don’t even reply mails.

  • Victoria

    I bought 800k coins on Saturday afternoon at 4.30 and still have nt recieved them, I’ve tried contacting them several times by email,live chat and on their contact page but no replies, they’ve took money from my account though but have nt delivered coins! Not happy at all! It states that there’s 24/7chat but strangely enough it always says offline when I try to live chat them! Absolute total scam site and rip off and I’m now seeking legal advice! I’ve contacted bank to get payment back too! Should nt be allowed to rip people off like that! DO NOT BUY FROM RZUN.COM FOR YOUR COINS! CON ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • josh is broke

      LOL Next time put the right information XD

  • Big Al

    Should have looked down at all this before buying from them, same story here as well, complete scam, have been contacting them and nothing but have noticed they have reduced price on 300k coins I bought from them and did not receive so someone still monitoring site, complete con!!!!

  • trevor

    i placed 2 smaller orders on wednesday and received the coins almost immediatly. placed a large, $128 order last night and it has been a complete nightmare–can’t get anyone to respond to my emails or instant messages, they keep asking me for photo i.d, i provide it, internet crickets for hours then they pop up with a 6 word response that they didn’t get my photo (even though i c.c.’d myself and got the photo). in fact, at 1st they said they needed a better photo, then they said they never got a photo all together, complete run-around, scam-tactics. these people are scum of the earth, they make a living on lying and cheating, when they die they will surely be reincarnated as kim jung-ill’s butt-fungus.

  • trevor

    you know, its hard for me to stay mad at these oriental scam artists, they live in a communist 3rd world country –none of them have a pot to piss in, and its because of stuff like this, they are lazy, weak and dishonest savages, scum of the earth and the shit on our boots. their own government kills their infant daughters and rapes their mothers. ironically their primary religion is buddhism which believes in karma and reincarnation, so i hope they are reincarnated as cockroaches in an asian massage parlor anywhere in north america. no, the ones i am mad at is paypal for endorsing these pieces of garbage giving them undeserved legitimacy to make a quick buck. paypal better give me my $$ back or i am boycotting them.

  • Mustafa

    I put up players a while ago 2 both for 600k 43 days and I didn’t get any coins

  • josh is broke

    Dude why are all you guys saying this website suck i got my 4mil in 1 hour no problem you guys must have put the wrong information XD nice website and i will buy again next time slow website though!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • tobias treviño

    Sorry i need help i buy 3000 k for fifa 15 and you dont give me my coins
    Team HijosDeHitler
    Player barzagli
    Please help
    Xbox One

  • FifaPlaya

    These guys are also scam artists but actually good at one thing and that is giving back the money they stole quickly when you dispute it on paypal these bitches are truly Asain fuckers with no balls to even scam you properly I waited 7 days for my coins and nothing

  • frank

    I can see you paypal-people gets your money back from these scamming f***faces, can i do that after paying with visa too?

  • Ryan

    Got it within 30secs, i was looking for a scam free website and this actual works

    • Ryan

      These fuckers raised the price

  • jordan hatton

    i ordered my coins 26 hours ago and i still have got them, normally very good but just ignored me and i am fuming! absolute terrible customer service not got back to me once