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myfifashop logo

Service I emailed their contact email but received no response at all. Live chat was available at the time of visiting.

Social media No social media accounts were officially linked

Price is priced quite cheap but there are cheaper alternatives.

Time delivered within 30 minutes.

EA player ranges/price caps were pretty quick to react to EA’s price caps and you can purchase coins the traditional player auction way as well as purchasing brand new accounts preloaded with millions of coins. They also offer a “powerleveling” service which is when you give them access to your account and they can charge up your account with coins.

Conclusion appears to be a secure website to purchase your fifa coins.  There was no response to my email & there are no social media accounts to contact either. But the delivery was not bad and the price was decent too.

Our recommendation is probably not the best place to buy fifa coins therefore we suggest you check out fifacoinszone (discount code FCRSAVE5), fifaultimateteamcoins (discount code FCRSAVE5) and MMOGA, These sites offer good prices and are reliable.

If you have been a customer of please rate the website & leave a comment/review below.




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CUSTOMER SERVICE recommends purchasing from the below fifa coin sellers. Click the logos for the latest deals and buy from the best!

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  • eric

    They had the cheapest prices I’ve found, and they have really bad live chat, it takes like 5 minutes for them to respond, but they respond quick by email, and you get your coins after a few hours. It doesn’t have an automated system, but since it is so cheap it doesn’t matter.

  • lore98manutd

    I bought the loans 1 hour ago have not arrived

  • Fusioooooooooooon

    i bought 300k coins 5 hours ago and i still got nothing :|
    they dont even reply to my emails :/

    • Footballchris

      Did you get your coins?????

  • alex

    yea orderd my coins about two hours ago 2200hrs uk time, still havent got them, a bit annoyed think ive been done lol

    • fifacoinreviews

      Maybe ask for a refund and start a PayPal reversal, if that’s possible for you. This will either hurry them up or you can purchase from another seller.

    • Footballchris

      Did you get your coins??????

  • Lewes Hahn-Griffiths

    i ordered 500k and ive been waiting 2 and a half days now! still nothing, the players transfer ends in 10 hours and i doubt they will give me my coins! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! i want my money back!!!

    • Walees

      Did you get your coins???

    • Footballchris

      Did you get your coins???????

  • Walees

    That’s the same for me. What if I don’t get my coins??. What should I do?

    • fifacoinreviews

      You could ask for a refund and start the payment reversal on PayPal if that is available to you. You can then purchase from another site for your coins. Up to you :) gl

      • Mitch

        PayPal won’t refunded you I’m afraid I’ve tried they don’t cover you for things like this

  • Alex Morávek

    What i must do they dont give me my coins and is it a 12 heures already ? What i should do ?

  • Footballchris

    I ordered 700k for 5 hours ago and when I read these comments I don’t think they will come! Is it someone who has the same problem, but got them later? If i don’t get them my parents will be angry!! (bad english from a norwegian guy)

    • Mitch

      Frm my experience pal I think you have lost your money like the rest of us the best thing we can do is make sure everyone no there scammers so no one else loses there money

      • fifacoinreviews

        If you paid by PayPal, try a reverse payment on your account

        • Mitch

          I didn’t do it directly through PayPal I paid by card but I spoke to PayPal yesterday an they said they don’t refund for things like this even if ur a PayPal account holder an used it to pay for it so ur screwd either way

          • Footballchris

            I got my money after 7 hours, but I will never buy from Myfifashop again.

        • Footballchris

          I got my money after 7 hours, but I will never buy from Myfifashop again

  • Mitch

    I order 2 million coins 24 hrs ago haven’t reciceved them I’ve emailed them many times an get the same email back saying the reciceved my order but can’t find the player they are scammers you don’t get to talk to anyone I wud avoid them at all cost

  • John

    I also unfortunately ordered 1 mil coins yesterday and still have not received them. I have sent 3 emails with no return responses. Still holding out hope that they may process the order but not looking good.

    • Mitch

      I ain’t holding out hope either there not replying to mine now either an wen they did I kept getting same email response written in very poor English so not looking gud.

  • Fusioooooooooooon

    I love this Site . I Bought 1 Mil coins 4 times :D
    But no i cant pay for some reason …
    When i wanna choose a payment methode there are just some chinese letters :o

  • John

    Received coins after placing a paypal complaint.

    • Josh

      How do you make a PayPal complaint, I paid with PayPal too

    • liam

      how long did it take to get them

  • emre

    Hello my coins is not daa ? Dante 150start 300.000k team name : SSV FE

  • sam

    I have not received my coins club name :rip depzman 10k start and 200k buy noe

    • sam

      And only have 5 mins on card left

  • Akif

    i have not recieved my coins

  • Akif

    I bought coins from these guys about 4 days ago and recieved them after half an hour

  • Akif

    now its been about 12 hours and have not recieved them and i cant even contact them

  • liam

    its been at least 13 hours and i havnt got my coins
    players name;steven gerrard
    starting price;50k
    buy now;200k
    club name;fifa spenders
    cemestry style;basic
    now plz can i get my coins or reply back

    • liam

      gone plz reply

  • lana

    Have Not Recieved my coins but they have not taken the real money yet. There is no way to contact them so I cant get a refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER BUYING FROM HERE AGAIN!

  • Akif

    we cant even contact them

  • Akif

    maybe loads of ppl r ordering for toty that its too much to handl

  • Fin Ellershaw

    i ordered 3 hours ago
    no live chat response
    no coins
    im starting to worry

  • David

    I order about an hour ago and no response at all customer service is dreadfull

  • Clint

    This site is very good. If you just have patience it can take a day.

    • Clint

      But it’s the 1 of the cheapest around so it’s okay

      • Laurentz De Guffroy

        day 3, still haven’t received my coins bunch of pricks…

  • ajay

    Ordered 2000k yesterday around 8pm GMT and still havent received anything. Send 3 emails with no response and their chat system doesn’t work. I hope I get my coins.

    • jag

      same with me – ordered 1500k at 8:30 GMT – i think the Chat never responds but i ordered some 2 days ago aswell and they altleast came after 7 hours – now i think they are just very busy but its annoying cause FUT Prices go up again and if they dont pay i cant do anything pretty much i have no number or anything

      • mike

        I sent an email using the live chat thing and I immediately received an email to say that it was undelivered. I think the live chat thing may be a fake

    • Risen Delightz

      I ordered 300k on friday 9pm and still haven’t reveived the coins! I have emailed several times but have had no reply! I am worried for my money

    • Shaun miles

      I’m having the exact same problem gave received nothing at all. Rather annoyed!

    • mike

      I’m having the same problem here, bought the exact same amount. I hope I just get my money back now.

  • Amanda

    My son purchased 300k last night and still waiting for them. They are quick enough to take my money though.

  • JSun Derulo

    Ordered 1 million FIFA coins for about $10 and still have not received the coins or any responses after 12 hours. Filed a PayPal complaint and hopefully that will either hurry them up or lead to a refund.

    Word of advice: DO NOT BUY from these people, they take too long and have terrible customer support and might not even give you your coins. Very UNREALIABLE.

    • Mohib

      Same here, bought 800k and haven’t recieved it, bunch of pricks

      • Mohib

        And btw, for anyone who wants to know that coin provider’s name is Liu Qiong Yao

  • Mat beaird

    I got my coins yesterday after 4 days of waiting and four days and constantly pestering them saying I can get your website shut down and so on, eventually they gave in and gave me my 1 million coins also they only seem to reply to emails from 21:00 to midnight!!!

  • eddie123

    judging by these fucking comments i aint getting my 1 mil anytime soon, paid through paypal but don’t have an account so cannot put a complaint in. Chinese wankers

  • will123

    just gimme my coins fgs!!!!1

  • eddie123

    i take it back, recieved my 1 mil last night, took 1 and a half days but i got them in the end

  • will123

    I ordered Saturday night it is now Monday night it has been 2 days since I bought my coins and I still don’t have them please give me my coins

  • Christophe

    2 days i payed for 6000k coins , no service and im waiting

  • marc

    Is this a real website. How long will it take to get my coins ????

  • Marwin Kotterheidt

    my coins is not back!!

  • Sander Koekkoek

    i’m waiting for almost 3 days for my coins. Also no service

  • nelson

    I ordered sat 14/2/15 – no response to emails sent and no contact via live chat (does not exist). Do not use this site.

  • Craig Miller

    Bought 2500k an hour ago and still nothing can you please just buy my player

    David silva
    87 rated
    Chemistry style: basic
    Starting price: 150 coins
    But now price: 2,500,000
    Club name: RED BURN COLTS

  • Myles

    I just bought 300k and I’ve Waited almost 5 hours for it to come through and live chat don’t work and this site is looking to be fake don’t buy coins of this shitty fucking site it’s bullshit!

    • danny


  • Mufloon

    I bought 2000k coin to PS4

    Lars Bender



    Chemistry style: basic

    Starting price: 1999000 coins

    But now price: 2000000

    Club name: Leeds Rovers

    No transfer did not take place and that I kupovoval many times and no problems and now this !!!

  • AndyLenny

    Previously bought some coins from them and no issue what so ever, bought some Saturday night and still nothing. Chased them Sunday and at first they responded then just stopped.

    Sent a general question from another email address I have on Monday morning to see if I would get a response and I did, so I followed up with “well now you have confirmed this email address does work can you answer as to why the below emails have not been answered”, obviously attaching the previous emails at the bottom.

    Low and behold the emails stopped again.

    I have now logged a dispute with PayPal but don’t hold much hope of getting anywhere.

    Very poor indeed.

  • Scheiffer Kamdenn Bates

    Do not buy from these. Ordered 1000k of coins 2 days ago and still haven’t received them. You will receive no response to any emails and live chat doesn’t actually work or exist. There are no social networking accounts that exist with these guys either, so it’s nearly impossible to get in touch.

    Would not recommend.

    • Callum

      I did the same as you until I sent them an email accusing them of being fake. I received my coins 10 minutes later :)

  • Callum

    Been 5 hours still waiting for 1 mil ….
    Can I get a refund ?

  • Niko Gnass

    German :Hey , ich habe vor 1 woche 3,5 mio coins bestellt, sind aber noch nicht angekommen!
    ich möchte gerne coins zurück haben
    English: I bought 3500mio coins to ps4
    Player name : Bernt Leno
    Leugue : Bundesliga
    Start price : 3.499.99
    But now price: 3.500.00
    rating : 82
    chemiestyle : basic
    Club name : fc nikoburg

  • Lucas

    I wait 4 hours For my Coins.
    Player Name: PEARCE
    buy now price: 4.000.000
    Team Name: Beast FC
    thank You.

    • Rish

      Hi, did you get your coins? I am still waiting for 4 hours too to get mine.

  • Rish

    I just got my coins after almost 5 hours but got it. Thanks

    • Gary Smith

      Hey what’s the website ?
      And how much did it cost

  • Gary Smith

    hey Rish what website did you use

  • Aaron

    I am waiting for my coins
    Sven bedner
    you took my money!! So give me my coins

  • Guneek

    Been 6 hours nearly 7 and still haven’t got my coins and site says “30 min delivery”

  • mehmet

    I wait 4 hours For my Coins.
    Player Name: Höwedes
    buy now price: 250000
    Team Name: Memo58
    thank You.

  • Mufloon

    14 Hours no coins
    player Drogba
    Post CF
    UT Chelsea
    buy out 2 500 000
    Liga Barclays PL

  • Aldin

    Player adrian ramos
    Bundesliga (dortmund)
    150 start preis
    5 mio sofortkauf
    Thank you

  • Mufloon

    Hello mi transakce
    player Drogba
    Post CF
    UT Chelsea
    buy out 2 500 000
    Liga Barclays PL

    28 hours no coin .(

  • Arczi

    I waiting TWO fucking weeks for buy my player. Give me back my money fucking thief…

    UT Snow Kids
    buy out 500000

  • James Buckley

    When I get my coins

  • ross

    I bought coins yesterday and I thought I got robbed but I got my coins today. Don’t use this website again… just in case.

  • Mufloon

    I give to law enforcement authorities in criminal proceedings because it is more than 24 hours

    Drogba player
    post CF
    UT Chelsea
    buy out 2.5 million
    League Barclays PL

    payment is S2015030314004038 ****

  • douchebag69

    i mean the price is really cheap, the cheapest i could find, but i had to wait like 6-7 hours

    • Anno

      But you did get the coins ?

  • Anno

    Do NOT buy from this site. The prices are good, but the service is shit. U will have to wait way more than 30 min and there is not a real live chat and the site is from China.

  • Bunks

    12 hours gone and still not recieved mine
    Arsenal BPL
    Bunks FC

  • aparvic

    Dont buy from here if u like long waits, takes at least 7 hours for me

    • yarni1

      atleest u got it im still w8ing already 20h

  • yarni1

    i need my coins i have been w8ing almost 24h

    Jupiler pro league
    5 000 000
    PLS D:

  • Stan Kuik

    Nothing, I bought 1 million coins yesterday, I sent a mail and they told me that they would hurry, im afraid that they stole my money :(

    • Stan Kuik

      And I don’t know how to live chat

      • yarni1

        yea i have the same problem almost 24 h ive been w8ing

        • Stan Kuik

          Do you know how to connect to the live help?

          • yarni1

            no they don’t even answer my email

          • Stan Kuik

            They did a reply to my mail and said that they would hurry -_-

          • yarni1

            wel i hope they hurry for me too been w8ing almost 24 h :/ i sent them 2 emails but no respond im hoping they sent it :/

          • Stan Kuik

            Me2 dude

          • yarni1

            wel i won’t be buying from this site again what a bad service

          • Stan Kuik

            Yea… But it was so cheap :)

          • yarni1

            yea thats what i thought too :D

          • Stan Kuik

            Lets hope for the best

          • yarni1


          • Stan Kuik

            I sent another mail, lets hope for a reply :D

          • yarni1

            they didn’t replay to my 2 mails xD

          • Stan Kuik

            They did to mine

          • yarni1

            yea and they said they would hurry i haven’t seen any type of hurrying :/

          • Stan Kuik

            yea true

          • yarni1

            did u already got ur coins i didn’t :/ i guess my money is gone

          • Stan Kuik

            me2 :(

          • yarni1

            wel im still hoping i get them but i think it wil never come …

          • yarni1

            dude i just checked my paysafe i didn’t get stolen my money is still on it lol i guess im dumb u should check it too

          • Stan Kuik

            wtf, I guess we did something wrong xD, but im not going to buy from that site, what should I do with the 10 euro on it? xD

          • Stan Kuik

            Dude, I have some information: my friend ordered 5 million coins a few weeks ago, but cuz it was very busy he got it a week later + 50k extra coins, he told me just to keep putting it on the transfer list for 3 days and one day they will buy it, I trust him, don’t give up the hope :D

          • Stan Kuik

            I will tell you if I get my coins

        • Lucien

          Hi, same here. Bought 2m.. got nothing, and send 2 mails, no response yet…

  • mw2oo2

    I got my coins within an hour

  • Julius Bunge

    Me to +StanKuik

  • James Lillywhite

    They are awful I bought 2 mill and the account didnt work and they didnt compensate me at all! I would never buy from them again!


    NO buy COINS IN THE SHOP ! account is banned and They do not respond to questions on chat 24/7 …. 1/10 . the worst shop in internet ! NO BUY COINS/ACCOUNT IN THE SHOP!!! WORST SHOP !!!! 1/10


    NO buy COINS IN THE SHOP ! account is banned and They do not respond to questions on chat 24/7 …. 1/10 . the worst shop in internet ! NO BUY COINS/ACCOUNT IN THE SHOP!!! WORST SHOP !!!! 1/10 ….










    Kaufen Sie nicht hier . NOT BUY . No compre aquí . Non comprare qui .Não compre aqui. Bùyào zài zhèlǐ mǎi. Μην αγοράζετε εδώ . Ne pas acheter ici .

  • Jonas

    Ich habe einen Account gekauft und jetzt muss ich einen 6 stelligen Code ein geben bei Fifa wenn ich in den ultimate Team Modus gehe bei Fifa 15 mit der ps4