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Service I emailed asking a couple of simple questions. I received a response after 45 minutes but query was misunderstood. After the third email exchange, I received a partial answer. Live help also available but appears to not always be available.

Social media

Price have cheap prices but there are cheaper places to buy coins.

Time delivered within 10 minutes.

Payment methods PayPal, Debit/Credit Card (via PayPal but account not required)

Further Notes At the time of this review, they offered an instant 5% off for rating their Google Plus, Tweeting or liking their Facebook.

EA player ranges/price caps were fast to react to EA’s price caps but unlike many other sellers it seems they no longer sell fifa coins via the regular method of player auctions. Instead they offer a “levelling” service, where you give them access to your account and they charge it up with coins. They also sell brand new accounts deposited with millions of  fifa coins for a valuable price.

Conclusion is a secure website to purchase your fifa coins. The customer service I experienced wasn’t great but decent. The price of coins is one of the cheapest on the market and delivery was quick.

Our recommendation is a decent coin seller but community comments suggest there can be problems. We suggest you check out fifacoinszone, fifaultimateteamcoins and MMOGA. These sites offer good prices and are reliable.

If you have been a customer of please rate the website & leave a comment/review below.


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  • matty

    I bought 50k yesterday and I still haven’t recieved them. Not happy

  • Cody Wiener

    Bought 1,000,000 coins from them today. Great price even though EA’s 5% tax was not covered. Took a few hours following my initial purchase before I received my coins. Customer service was amazing and helped me guide me to getting my coins. 5 star website

  • Ed9837

    Bought 1mil over 24 hours ago and did not receive coins with the money being taken from my credit card as well as not being given an order confirmation to my email. So I obviously contacted and have not received a response in over 3 hours. I cannot recommend this site even though friends have suggested it; a friend also had complications but was compensated immediately.

  • Chris14

    Ive been trying to buy 8,000,000 on fifa 14 from them, and the grand total was £12.31, so I ordered my coins listed the player up, and after a day I had no coins, so I email them asking when would I get my coins, they then asked me to give them the details of my player, anyways after this went on for 4 days, with me sending emails saying if relisted my player because they hadn’t sent my coins within the three days, so I then checked the price of coins again and if you wanted to by 8000k on fifa 14 now it’s £130, so I think they’re trying to get me to ask for a refund so they don’t lose out on 120 so pound, they’re serive is poor, and I’ve £12 worse off with no fifa coins!

  • Kieran Brown

    Been two days not still no coins, crap really

  • Bradley Harewood

    The worst place to buy coins simple as I’m down £28 after purchasing 1,000,0000so I have tried contacting them several times without a reply for over 2 days now and I’m starting to get really annoyed now I suggest you remove their site from this site asap

  • Kane Sarjit

    i have just purchased 1000k on this website and when i look on my account it says there are no orders have been made so i dont know if they have taken my money and leave me with nothing or what.

  • paul

    ordered 1 million points and 3 days later nothing. I have launched an appeal though paypal and contacted them through the appeal and still no response at all.
    It seems that they are only in it to take your money, no points and no contact.

  • fasdada

    this is all lies i buy coins and i received

  • Andrew

    42 hours and many messages and posts on their Facebook page/ live chat to which no one ever replies… Not received my purchase, not received a reply. WOULD RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE USES THIS SITE AS THEY HAVE TAKEN MY MONEY AND COMPLETELY IGNORED ME