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I emailed asking a couple of simple questions but received no response. Live chat is also available but when attempted all operators were busy.

Price is one of the cheaper sources of fifa coins.

Time delivered within 20 minutes.

Payment methods PayPal, Debit/Credit Card (via PayPal but account not required)

Conclusion is a secure website to purchase your fifa coins. The customer service I experienced was poor but the delivery was fast and the price is good.

If you have been a customer of please rate the website & leave a comment/review below.



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  • Richie Biggs

    paid for 800000 coins and waited for four hours and no response so sent email still no response, live chat said all operators were busy,after one day managed to get a live chat and they said they couldnt log on to ea server for 5 hours, 8 hours later nothing, tried to contact but they do NOT answer e mails, after looking at my sons fifa so many times i was getting pissed off as they promised on site 5-10 mins. 2 days later nothing, tried live chat numerous times throughout the day and finally got through, once again they promised they would do it, NOTHING again !!! on 3rd day and hours of wasted time i demanded my money back on live chat, they still tried to fob me off with excuses but i said if it didnt happen whilst i was on live chat their time was up and complaint to paypal, oly then 3 days later did we receive coins.. they do not communicate, they lie and if you do not persist in pestering them then i would suspect you wouldnt get any coins at all. BEWARE !!!!

    • Bradley7131Gaming .

      Me too and I’m a 10 Year old and it was my mums paypal I’m so upset she’s so angry you don’t know what you do to people you Chinese scammers you deserve to go to hell :(

      • Richie Biggs

        Keep pestering them!! I managed to get someone on live chat mostly at 8am in the morning, tell them you want a refund, they really don’t care and just want your money:-(

        • Bradley7131Gaming .

          Okay I’ll send emails

          • Bradley7131Gaming .

            Will I get coins or money :(

          • fifacoinreviews

            Sorry to hear about the trouble people are having with eafutcoins. I have just sent them an email also asking for a response. Thanks for posting guys and remember to leave a positive review if you have good service from the other coin traders on this website. Hopefully over time we will know who to trust and who to avoid!

          • Bradley7131Gaming .

            Tell me the response

  • Jamie

    Worst coin site ive ever used. Ive been waiting for 3 days now to get my coins, even though on the website it says 5-10 mins. I payed properly and done everything they said, and now they wont respond to my emails or on live chat. When I try to connect to them on live chat it says the opperator is busy and I cant even get into a convesation with them. Dont recommend this website at all.

  • Holly Sweetcheeks Marsden

    Absolute joke this website. Paid for coins and 3 days later still haven’t got Them! Live chat is always ‘busy’ apparently and no reply to emails! I strongly recommend that no ever uses this site!

  • disqus_lIxeIHpMiT

    This site is a joke !!! Paid for 500000 coins and got nothing . Email after email with no response . Thiefs

  • Lee3123

    Is this site actually legit? just ordered 700k an hour ago

    • disqus_lIxeIHpMiT

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for coins from this site . Right it off you will never get your coins or a refund !!!!

      • Lee3123

        I’m disputing on PayPal i doubt i won’t get a refund lol.

  • jakebow69

    This site is a joke! I ordered from them 8 days ago and i have not yet received they have not replied on emails or live chat its pathetic shut them down and give us all a refund email me at if you’ve had this problem!

  • Jamie oneill

    Site is a ripoff, have received coins before, quite quickly but as soon as i ordered a larger amount i never received them, got them once on live chat and operator simply abandoned the conversation !! All other attempts at live chat and emails have been ignored ! I contacted paypal as i assumed the company was legit because paypal was associated with their payments method but wont get a refund due to type of purchase being negligible or unable to prove non receipt. STAY AWAY FROm EAFUTCOINS people, take your money and run

  • gazza

    same here. ordered one lot. got them. ordered more, as they were quick and seemed reliable, now going through the same process as you guys…nothing! no response. no live chat. so now its paypal dispute,.. its been over a week now.. see if paypal comes through.

  • jakebow69

    I now have my coins they just had a lot of orders try to get on the live chat with them they are actually legit

  • Jordan98

    I oreded coins from here, And didnt receive them for six days. I would not recommend this site to anyone.
    the customer service is nasty, no one speaks english and no one understands what your saying. the only good thing about this website is the price and thats it.